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Change Can Be a Good Thing

We are proud to launch our brand new website this week. It sports a sleek, clean look, which we hope will provide a useful and satisfying overview of our inn. I don’t remember exactly when we put out our very first website, but I remember thinking at the time, “I’m not exactly sure what this website ‘thing’ is all about, but it seems like something we ought to have”. I think it goes without saying that was a very long time ago. But after all this time our commitment to providing a memorable experience for each and every guest has remained unchanged.

In June we welcomed our new Assistant Innkeeper, Shannon Clough, to the Snowed Inn team. Shannon, with her infectious energy and positive approach to everything she does, is a bright spot here for all of us and will offer the warmest of welcomes to every guest. She is a photography buff and has already significantly enhanced our social media presence. And she bakes a mean banana bread!

As we leave a very busy summer behind and usher in the brilliant fall foliage season, we look forward to welcoming previous as well as brand new guests to enjoy the symphony of colors. And for you ski enthusiasts the slopes will be open in the blink of an eye!

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