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Bragging Rights

I’m not usually prone to bragging (really!) but once a while I guess I need to be indulged.

Our two children grew up in the inn with the backdrop of beautiful Vermont to nurture their creativity and love of their state. Fast forward to their adult lives and things have come full circle. Our son Tom is an architect working for the last two years back in Vermont. His most recent achievement is the complete redesign of the newly unveiled bar/restaurant in the Killington Grand Hotel, now renamed Preston’s. The space is spectacular (a universal assessment, not just my own personal opinion!) and will undoubtedly become a favorite spot for visitors and locals alike. Check it out when you come to stay with us.

Our daughter has also put her creative prowess to work with a Vermont twist. A filmmaker and director, she will very soon be releasing her first full length feature film through The Little Film Company, a worldwide sales and marketing firm. The film, “Fair Haven,” takes place in stunning Vermont and features a poignant story with beautifully shot scenery.

It’s enough to to make a mom proud! Happy holidays to you and your family!  – Jeanne

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