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Late Summer Nostalgia

I love to walk. Yes, tennis, skiing and biking are high on my list, but walking not only gets me from point A to point B, it nurtures my soul on the way. Today I took one of my favorite routes through the wetlands on River Road here in Killington. I was determined to leave as many thoughts as possible of the mundane behind. Mindfulness paid off, as I truly fed my senses with the sights, sounds and smells of late summer. What a cornucopia of flowers and plants to behold-Queen Anne’s Lace, cornflowers, purple clover blossoms, reeds with their magenta plumes and swaying cattails amidst so many others. The Canadian geese families lazed in the grass, and my self-proclaimed friend, the lone heron, flapped up into the air and gracefully glided across the field into the trees. Invisible, but definitely vocal, were the true background musicians of the season, the katydids, crickets and grasshoppers. Their hums evoke so many memories of my childhood. And experiencing the magnificence of Thundering Brook Falls is nothing short of spiritual.

Now I am nostalgically reminded of the approach of fall foliage and shortly thereafter winter. Rosie Raccoon is taking shape, and the first bursts of red leaves are increasingly visible. Winter won’t be far behind with its own brand of Vermont beauty. But for now the manifestations of late summer are simply perfection.

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