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Living at a Ski Resort Doesn’t Guarantee Being an Expert Skier

(Unfortunate) Fact: Being married for many years to an Austrian ski racer, as well as living in the largest ski resort in the East for the past 30 years does not automatically transform a person into an expert skier. Despite these advantages I remain an average, cautious skier. Manfred and I met in Austria when I was a college student studying German language and literature. A flatlander, Jersey girl, I was immediately drawn to life in the mountains (hence our mutual desire to settle here in Killington and the Snowed Inn 30 years ago), and I became determined to do my best to learn to ski. Given my innate fear of speed and falling, this was definitely a major challenge.

Step in Saint Manfred- he exhibited enormous patience in teaching me the sport, and to this day remains patient when skiing with me, knowing that my ski quirks and prevailing ski conditions are likely to dictate where we ski, how fast we ski and for how long. I confess-I am a sunny day, blue sky, perfectly groomed trails kind of gal on the ski slopes. So here’s the really good news: even though we have reached late March, the conditions at Killington are simply perfection. Yes, it is a little colder than average for this time of year, but certainly not polar frigid, the skies are blue, and those temperatures and recent snowfalls have combined to present us with impeccably covered and groomed, midwinter type trails that make a picky skier like me as happy as a pig in mud (there must be a better metaphor than that!).

Well, anyway, if you are my kind of skier I invite you to check out the conditions at Killington at least one more time before you trade your skis in for beach towels, and if you are a “love the sport no matter what the snow is like kind of person, I also urge you to check out the hill very soon!

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