Snowed Inn Newsletter

Welcome Innkeepers Benjamin and Lisa!
As much as I sit here, trying to ignore cliches, they just keep sprouting within my brain. After a long dry spell in the blogsphere, it seems apt to say, "My, how time flies." My philosophy of trying to speak or write only when I really have something to say... { more }

Extravaganza at World Cup Killington
If you didn't make it up to World Cup over Thanksgiving weekend at Killington, wow, welcome to winter and an incredible community! Read on to get my take... { more }

Bragging Rights
I'm not usually prone to bragging (really!) but once a while I guess I need to be indulged.  Our two children grew up in the inn with the backdrop of beautiful Vermont to nurture their creativity and love of their state. Fast forward to their adult lives and things have come full circle.  { more }

Dogs Days are Ahead; Come See What's New at the Inn
Is it really true that August is about to make its debut?   { more }

Late Summer Nostalgia
I love to walk. Yes, tennis, skiing and biking are high on my list, but walking not only gets me from point A to point B, it nurtures my soul on the way. Today I took one of my favorite routes through the wetlands on River Road here in Killington. I was determined to leave as many thoughts as possible of the mundane behind. Mindfulness paid off, as I truly fed my senses with the sights, sounds and smells of late summer. What a cornucopia of flowers and plants to behold-Queen Anne’s Lace, cornflowers, purple clover blossoms, reeds with their magenta plumes and swaying cattails amidst so many others.   { more }

Snowed Inn Driving Tour - Points East Woodstock/Quechee
We love to create "tours" for you to explore while you're staying with us at the inn. Our inn is the perfect anchor for your day excursions, and we really are at the heart of it all! Here's Tour #1, which will take you through scenic areas of Woodstock, Quechee and Plymouth.   { more }

Why We Love Where We Live
In the first week of our return to Killington following our spring vacation I realized a few of the activities we have already enjoyed offer a perfect microcosm of the wide variety of things to do in the summer here in our wonderful region and state. I am an ardent tennis player, and I was thrilled not only to get back to my beloved group of tennis buddies, but also to be able to play in the glorious outdoors again with sun, warmth, blue skies and gentle breezes, a dream come true.   { more }

Living at a Ski Resort Doesn't Guarantee Being an Expert Skier
(Unfortunate) fact: Being married for many years to an Austrian ski racer, as well as living in the largest ski resort in the East for the past 30 years does not automatically transform a person into an expert skier.   { more }

30 Years Later, The Kids Are All Grown Up
When I contemplate the implications of 30 years of Snowed Inn ownership, my thoughts immediately turn to our children, Tom and Kerstin, for they are the true markers that so much time has passed. They were so young when we started our adventure, and are now, of course, well into adulthood with spouses and families of their own. The Snowed Inn had a profound effect on their formative years, and I think they are better human beings as a result. But I should let them speak for themselves in an interview conducted a couple of years ago: { more }

It's Been How Many Years
When I turned thirty I remember feeling such wonderment that I had actually been alive for that many years and that it had all seemed to go by so quickly. Little did I know at the time that the roller coaster ride was just beginning, and that the speed of the journey would only accelerate... { more }

Confessions of an Innkeeper
I have a confession to make. Every year, right about mid-August, I start to have misgivings about the Vermont summer, with its lush green fields and trees, flowers in full glory, outdoor concerts, hikes on the mountain, and so much more, slowly giving way to the stark realities of winter. At that point in time, I don’t really relish the idea of cold weather and heavy coats...  { more }

As the World Turns
Right about this time in August one thing becomes crystal clear-summer is on the way out and fall is rapidly approaching. In a few short moments this morning I quickly identified 6 sure signs that the season is changing: { more }

Coming Home...
Whoever it was who said something about “you can’t go home…..” definitely was not a Vermonter. Although I am not a native Vermonter, I know that after living here for nearly 30 years it really soothes my soul when I return home after a trip out of state. And don’t even get me started on my kids! They grew up here and truly have Vermont in their DNA. Our daughter, Kerstin, went to college in New York City and graduate school in Boston, and although she has continued to live out of state with her Scottish husband, Stephane, they come back to Vermont often for the well- deserved respite that our beautiful environment offers. Last week was a particular treat. Kerstin came for a visit with the newest addition to the family, Golden Retriever puppy “Maple.” (You see what I mean about Vermont being imprinted in their genetics?)    { more }

Another Part of Summer in the Green Mountains
After a great ski season Manfred and I were fortunate enough to partake in our own opportunity to refuel and refresh for a few weeks, and I am always reminded how beneficial such breaks can be. Now we are back and in the swing once again, and the emphasis shifts from the awesome winter outdoor activities that Vermont offers to the very special summer outdoor fun, like hiking, kayaking, mountain and road biking, swimming, etc.  { more }

Are You Spring Skiing This Year?
Last week reminded me of our first March in Killington, so many years ago. We had an overnight snowstorm, and in the morning when we looked out the window all you could see of the cars in our parking lot were the tips of their antennas poking out of the snow. Y  { more }

Forever 29...
As I sit in our office and watch the snow fall on this early February day I find myself  lapsing into a spirit of reminiscing. This February marks the completion of our 29th year here at the Snowed Inn, and thus the start of our 30th year of innkeeping.   { more }

Happy Holidays to All!
The calendar shows winter officially starting tomorrow. For us winter officially began weeks ago when Manfred put up the inn’s white lights. And his hard work paid off, as we were the winners of the Killington Festival of Lights! Check out our front page coverage in The Mountain Times. For even more holiday season fun, we created a cheerfully decorated tree, entitled “Lemon Meringue”, for the Killington Holiday Festival.   { more }

Recharged and Ready for Winter...
Back from a refreshing vacation and it is snowed big, saucer-size flakes yesterday-a welcome November sight! One true side benefit of getting away between busy tourist seasons is the re-awareness of the benefits of “getting away” from the routine, stress and ordinariness of everyday living and working. It helps me to understand the needs of our guests and their appreciation when a vacation, no matter how long or short, re-energizes their spirit.   { more }

Keeping Up with The Calendar and the Seasons
Okay, time is really slipping away now. The headline in today’s local paper states “Snow mixes with mountain foliage.” And I have been intending (and procrastinating) to put my thoughts to paper regarding fall “extremes” in Killington and the surrounding region. Time to do it!  { more }

Tour Guide... Part Two
Okay, so I admit it: it takes visitors to get me to act like a tourist in my own backyard. First it was my college reunion friends. Then last week came the big challenge-our 5 year old grandson Calvin’s first “no parents along” visit with Nini and Pop.   { more }

Reunion Sightseeing - Becoming a Tour Guide
This past weekend I took on a new persona: tourist in Killington and the surrounding region. A group of my college girlfriends and their husbands came to the inn for a reunion, and what a wonderful time we had! In order to showcase the area and maximize the fun, I packed the four days with activities and events.   { more }

Wild Kingdom
Innkeeping is quite a gratifying occupation, yet also often all-consuming, and the concept of “getting away” is just as important to us as it is to those who make their getaway to the Snowed Inn.   { more }

The Lifecycle of an Inn and of Those Who Visit
What goes around….. Our son, Tom, who is well into his 30s, had a best friend in pre-school and elementary school named Bryon. They enjoyed all those activities that little boys love, with Lego and Star Wars ranking high on their list of favorites.   { more }

International Friends
“Guess who is at the inn right now? “ Manfred called and said to me recently. Wanting to rapidly narrow the guessing game down from every individual on the planet, I said “I don’t know, who?” “Jun-Bo!” he exclaimed.   { more }